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20-Dec-2017 16:09

A dating website where looks really are everything and ugly people are banned is giving a modern meaning to Charles Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’ theory.If you have a wonky nose, freckles, acne, a mullet or even – horror of horrors – red hair, not the matchmaker for you. Half of all British applications so far have been rejected.Forget trying to slip the bouncer a , the 'beauty police' decides whether you get into this club or not.

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In the e-mail, it gave users suggestions for boot camps and workout facilities to get themselves back in shape. No, it's not, but it's honest." And on this site, beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder; only one in five applicants is normally accepted, a company statement said. has been grossly over-indulging since Thanksgiving. It's no wonder that so many members have been expelled from the network.Of course, there is another method of entry even if maybe, you're not having your best hair day."Rare exceptions will be made on the grounds of wealth,” Hodge told CBS in Los Angeles."We listen to our members and they are fed up of going out to expensive bars, hoping to meet similarly beautiful people, only to spend the night wishing that the lighting was lower," Hodge said to the UK Sun.

It’s for the betterment of beautiful people around the globe.The site is based on Darwin’s theory of evolution – interpreted as meaning the most attractive of the species must be drawn together.