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He is most well known for his role in the popular television series Murder One and later Boomtown.

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Fans will also enjoy photos of young Alyssa Milano and the sexiest Alyssa Milano pics.He had a small role in the sequel of Iron Eagle, but it was not credited.Jason Gedrick featured in the 7th Season of Showtime blockbuster drama series Dexter where he plays the manager of a club in Miami. He never differentiated between roles in regards to significance or how much popularity he would attain by essaying those roles.Season 1's 10 episodes track three primary stories: 1.) a civil trial in which Bosch's shooting of a potentially unarmed man is put under the microscope, 2.) the discovery of a young boy's bones in Laurel Canyon, and 3.) the cat-and-mouse game between Bosch and presumed serial killer Raynard Waits (Jason Gedrick).

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Along the way, Bosch gets involved in a questionable romantic relationship with new uniform officer Julia Brasher (Annie Wersching) and embroiled in the political maneuvering between the deputy chief (Lance Reddick) and the district attorney (Steven Culp).Long story short, several hours and most of a pizza later, I had finished all 10 episodes of Season 1.